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Nov 28, 2005 Let's see. Quite a few changes I'm getting myself into. The biggest is I'm selling the Mac house in Anaheim. Just think it's the right time and right thing to do at this point in my life. Have some pictures of the place I can show you here. It's listed on Tomvo.com web site as well. He is the realitor that I purchased the house from back in Nov 2000. I'm tired of being tied down to a place and I'm making an educated guess that the house market is about to have a 15-20% correction in prices in 2006 so it's time to make a move. In the short term I'm going to live in the RV at a place in Newport Beach. But, it's still a little in the air. Saw the swim gang in Octorber for Oktoberfest and just spent a couple of days in Laughlin, NV visiting with my Mother for Thanksgiving. Greg was there with his family as well as Marjorie and Mark. Good visit and during the night I was out winning at the tables so the trip was more then paid for. Meeting with Tom Vo tonight to go over offers on the house so it looks like it might be sold with me out of there before Christmas. House details of plumbing/sewer/air ducting/dimensions.

Sept 21, 2005 Last weekend I went up to Big Bear and help a friend of mine work on his new cabin just south of town in an area called SugarLoaf. Nice A-Frame place about 700 sq feet with a loft. Steven gutted the inside and was working on the gas and water lines. Saturday night we walked to the Roadhouse bar and had a few drinks. Took the RV up there as well. I wouldn't say it was a fun drive going up on Friday night in the dark but we made it. On Sunday we took the back way home which is a lot nicer of a drive.

Sept 12, 2005 Friday evening the company went to the Yard House in Costa Mesa for some drinks and just to hang with the gang. When I got home Johnny Wray wanted to head to the FoxFire so off we went for that. I ended up playing pool most of the evening. Saturday, got the RV ready for a night in front of Cassandra mom's house. She turned 30 and had a big bash and in the morning I was headed to San Onofre with a few of them. Sunday was a big San O day and the first time with the RV. Quite a few no shows, but we had a lot of fun anyways and Dan who is has started a catering company got us the food for carne asada tacos in the evening. We played Bocce Ball as well as surfed. The waves could of been slightly larger but they were still a lot of fun.

Been buying a bunch of stuff for the motor home, bedding, chairs, cooking items, etc and so have been visiting my local Walmart for quite a few of the items and I wanted to write about technology gone bad. Automated Checkouts. Yep, I see their place and use them myself even though they have flaws in the system. The biggest one would be the bagging scale. Never works and screws up the machine which slows the process down even more. So, here they have a fairly complex piece of machine and put it in a store that attracts the dumbest buyers in the community. You think your going to save time by using them: Never, if there is even one person on it ahead of you and even then it can be slower if you have items that need "approval" to purchase. I took a chance as the regular check out lines were 10 folks or more long and hopped in the automated checkout with just two folks a head of me. I saw over 20 people get serviced in the regular line before getting my chance to scan my own walmart crap. There was another guy in the same boat as I was, I just couldn't believe it. I can't see them saving time or money with these things. Other stores I've found have the same problems so it's not just walmart but since they have a lot of customers as dumb as their employees it's just about the worst store I can think of to have them in. I really needed the stuff I was buying but I thought real hard about pushing the cart up to the managers area and telling them to have fun re-stocking my items. (OK, a few smart folks use walmart, but we're not the average customer)

Aug 25, 2005 Is Summer all most over? I think NOT! Last weekend I picked up something I've been telling my friends I've wanted for 4-5 years now, an RV. That's right, a big oversize box with a toilet and sitting for 12 or more. A gas guzzling moving party machine. I have Nate to thanks for helping me in the search for this rig, a 93 Fleetwood Tioga. It only has 26,000 miles on the 460 ford engine so it should be able to take me quite a few places. It's not the one I most desire, that would be a Lazy Daze 26.5 mid-bath model, but those are expensive to purchase and out of my current budget. I'll be taking it to the beach this weekend and giving it an easy test run.

Jim and Nicola were married on Aug 1, the wedding was in Mexico just north of Puerto Nuevo village at Los Rocas hotel. Aug 1 was a Monday so Tom Calier, Dong and I went down friday evening and camped at K58 till Sunday then stayed at Los Rocas, Sunday and Monday night. Nice wedding and happy for the both of them. I'll be seeing quite a bit of Jim since we hired him at HyperDisk Media where I work in early July. The wedding rehearsal dinner was a party in itself at Ortega's in Puerto Neuvo and the pictures start with that after a couple of K58 and a few of us hanging around the pool on Sunday. One note about the wedding I must mention, I now hate digital cameras. Everyone has one, everyone wants to use it, everyone wants you to pose for a picture and to top it all off they want to show it right after it has been taken on the little LCD screen. You're going to see a lot less pictures from me because I don't take pictures if someone else is snapping away. At least with Dong, he gives me copies of the images that I can post. At one point someone shoved a camera in my hand and told me to take a picture so I stuffed the thing down my pants and took a picture. For some reason right after that everyone was now interested in seeing my flacid Johnson and it was passed around for everyone to get a nice look. Had I known it was going to be seen by everyone I would of made Mr. Pecker be more of a man.

June 28, 2005 Friday night I went over to Ron Frank's house for some poker playing. Greg Calvin and his brother Brad were there and one other friend of theirs. Ended up winning big after a slow start and came out about 30 bucks ahead which wasn't too shabby. On Saturday I went to a benefit concert in Laguna Beach. Ian Cairns told me about it the day before and while at lunch on Friday he got a call that Paul McCartney was going to make an appearance around 3:00pm. I got there and Ian got me in for free which was pretty cool. It was mostly local bands playing about 40 minute sets (audio1) and some were pretty good (audio2) and ended up making the day as Paul became a no-show. I left about 6:00pm and met up with Jim and Dong to hit a couple of clubs in Fullerton. On Sunday I met up with Paul and Holly and went to Bosa Chica to enjoy the beach a little. I say a little because as soon as we put our stuff out and were starting to enjoy the nice day, the wind started picking up and kept getting stronger until a vote was cast that we could enjoy the patio at their house more then the beach. It was a nice relaxing weekend overall.

June 22, 2005 Weekend of the 11th and 12th I went camping with Dave Aprea and some of his teacher friends. There was nine of us total. We got there early on Saturday and hiked a nature trail pretty close to the camp site. Apparently, the TV show M.A.S.H was filmed about 2 miles from the camp site and you have to hike to get there. No one seem interested so I didn't see it. The camping and hanging around the fire pit at night was fun, but I wouldn't want to camp there again as it's a pretty dull place. 16th, friday night, I met with Melissa and a person she works with Adam. Hit all of the old spots in Costa Mesa, Goat Hill, The Harp, Pierce Street, Unique. Nice night. The 17th, I had Holly and Paul with the kids over for swimming and a BBQ. Played some bocce ball as well. On Father's day, I went surfing at Bosa Chica with Drea, Dave, Jim, Pat, Dave Piesic and Jay Warren. Afterwards Drea, Dave and I went to Mother's Pub. I stopped in on Holly and Paul afterwards for several hours before heading back home. Tonight the 22nd, Aprea is having a BBQ. The teachers are off for the summer and they don't waste time in making the most of it.

June 7, 2005 Nice past weekend. Philip Canchola was in town from AZ with is girl friend Lisa. We went out Wednesday night to Loffers around the corner, Friday night to 2nd St. in Long Beach and then on Sunday we had a BBQ at my place with about 12 folks. I knew everyone except for 1 couple. On Saturday, after riding my bike to Cypress I headed to Temecula to attend Gerry & Nancy's wine tasting party. Dan catered the food from his company called Creative Catering, which is the main reason I got to go. Most of the folks were from the golf course where Gerry works, including the courses owner. It was pretty hard not to have a good time. I posted the movies I've taken this past year. You can browse the movies here. One is of Xmas 2004 at Perry's place, one is coming down from Harney Peak on my Birthday, and 3 are Jim, Dong and Kevin doing pond skimming at Mammoth. The next day I heard they were going through the center and Dong was the only one to get soaked.

June 3, 2005 Well, haven't done this in a while. I'm just going to start writing everything in the Diary section as why have two places for folks to have to browse to? Let's see, I'll have to just start with the images I've taken I guess. Went to Disneyland with Paul and Holly family. Had a big water leak so I ripped up the carpet and put down new tile in the house. Will have to grab some new photos to show the new wooden floor. Haven't done the trim yet so there is still work to be done. Went to Disneyland with Marjorie and Emily. Went to Mammoth on the 13 of March and had a fun time with the old crowd. I was stress over problems with our servers at work so I had to cut the trip short and didn't have quite the fun I was looking for. Had a night out with Jim and Dong at St. Patricks. Jim has since sold his home in Costa Mesa. For those of you outside of California, in two years in had it, it went from 440,000 to 740,000. Not a bad two years, bummer though as I realy like the house. There's old pictures of it if you look though last years links. Took a day trip to Temecula Wine places. They were better then I expected, the wines and the facilities. Went to Mammoth for Memorial Weekend. This trip was more like it. On the way back, just past Ridgecrest where the 395 and 14 meet, Pete's car took a crap. I thought it was funny but Pete was having a hard time seeing the humor in the situation. We left early and I knew Dong was coming back in a few hours so I wasn't stress on how we were going to get back. End up getting a tow and rental car to finsh the trip back home. Have a few movies now that I'll be posting.

Feb 4, 2005 I'll be updating this site next week.


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