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Love : What Life Is All About -- by Leo F. Buscaglia (Author); Paperback

I have read most of Leo's books and all of them are interesting. Some deal with the class he taught at USC, I think it was just called Love 101, or something like that, and others deal with his travels around the world.


Creative Dreaming: Plan and Control Your Dreams to Develop Creativity, Overcome Fears, Solve Problems, and Create a Better Self by Patricia L., Ph.D. Garfield

-- One of the first books I've read on the subject of Lucid Dreaming back in the 80's and still a great book to read on how to get started. Although, I have read about other newer books that provide a better practical guide but this book will get you started and is an easy read.


Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl (Author) (Mass Market Paperback)

I read this one for a class in college and is a Dr's account of surviving in several Nazi prison camps he was in as a Jew.


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