Welcome to my site. This has a lot of information about what I'm up to and a few other items. All of my pictures are free for you to use as you wish. I host my own site and thanks to my company's disk space I'm able to display quite a few pictures for you to browse. Feel free to email me to say hi or whatever. It's nice to get mail from someone other then spammers, right now I'm up to about 250 emails a day and about 10 are legitimate emails. The picture above is from my trip last summer 2002 and is north of Moab, UT heading to the i-70, a bigger picture here. Most of the pictures are 1024x768 so if you right click on the picture and select "Set as background" it will become a new wallpaper background for you. Some of my favorites for a desktop background are: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7, Picture 8. These are not my best pictures but their great for wallpaper as they don't hide your desktop icons.