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Hi Everyone,

Feb 10, 2005 This is the Christmas of 2004 trip I took. It started out heading to OR on the 17th of December, made it up to OR but stopped for the night in ???, who cares... after waking in the morning I headed to Nate and Luanne's place. On Saturday, Nate and I drove to Portland to and went to the street fair. Sunday, we went wine tasting to two place's and I was quite surprised at the quality and ended up buying about 4 bottles for our diners. One was Marquam Hill and the other was St. Joseph's winery. On the way home we took at ferry accross the river. I quess they are still quite common up there. On Monday after our walk we went golfing and then to the bookstore in Portland. They have a famous used book store the huge and the size of 4 large Barnes & Noble's stores. Tuesday after the morning walk I said my goodbyes and headed to Joe's in MT. It started snowing on the way through Idaho so I was afraid to stop thinking I'd get stuck or have to put on chains, which sucks as well so I pressed on till I was over all of the major passes and just about 200 miles from Foresyth. I wasn't fun driving in the blinding snow after dark but I did find out that a 2 wheel drive Honda Accord handles it pretty well. When I got there I went and toured the town with Erica and then after dinner in the evening Erica and I went to a couple of the bars in town. Great to talk with her and pretty much the first time that I've ever done so. The next day Joe and I went and took a visit to his winery and the new house next door he purchased for $17,000.00. Nice little place with Map's on the ceiling. Never seen that before. The next day after Erica and Jeff left for Billings, Joe and I took a trip to see the geese on the grass lands. Tried to get some shots of it but not much luck. On the 24th I left for South Dakota, it was only a 5 hour drive so got to Perry's fairly early in the afternoon and as I pulled up some deer were in the street by their house. Had a nice chat and diner then went to Perry's service at the church. Brian and I walked the 1/3 mile to get there. The next day was Christmas and quite a fun morning. Perry and Eileen, Brian & Petra, Darshan & Jr., and Mary were there in the morning. I was quite taken by surprised at all of the gifts they got for me as I wasn't expecting anything. We played with a couple of toy helicoptors Brian and Petra got and then had an early dinner after Andy and Marsha showed up. Andy had an idea to go sleding down a hill so before it was pitch black we got a couple of runs in. 24th and 25th pictures. On the 26th we went skiing at Deerfield, which is just around the corner from Terry. Nice small resort that had one chair lift to the top and one hand-on-for-your-life seatbar lift. To top it off it's only 3 miles up the road from Perry's place. On the 27th after much delay, we went to Perry and Eileen's Cabin, which as Perry reminded us on several occasions was that very morning paid in full on the deed to the house and property. Great place and location in the Black Hills to boot. 26th & 27th pictures. On the 28th we went to Hot Springs and took a tour of the Mammoth Site. Interesting visit and a nice tour of the pit of where they got caught. Afterwards we went and swam at the Evans Plunge in Hot Springs, a must stop for anyone traveling within 100 miles of this area. The 29th of December as everyone should know is my Birthday! We hiked Harney Peak which kicked my butt. It took most of the morning and afternoon so after we got back, there was interest to see a cabin of a famous writer, Badger Clark. On the 30th we headed back to Lead and then Brian, Petra and I went to see the Gold Mine Musum which was well worth it, then headed off to see the Hills by car. We stopped in Nemo but it changed so much and the place with the tree was gone so we took some back road and ended up in Rockford. After a couple of drinks in the Moonshine Saloon we headed back to Lead. That night I took everyone to dinner in Deadwood, of course us cousins stayed and gambled a little. On the 31st, I said my goodbye's and headed to Denver to spend New Year's with Brian Gray and all of his friends at his place. On the 1st, as I wasn't feeling top-notch, I decided to start driving home, after 15 hours I pulled in around 11:00pm. Fun trip and thanks to all of my host along the way, and espcially to Perry's family for making Christmas so special. I fix this up next week, spelling and what not.

Feb 4, 2005 I'm writing to let you know I'll be updating my trip to OR, MT, SD, CO next week.

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